Welcome to the home of Sober By Grace, Inc., a non-profit Christ based  Recovery Home where broken people can find life change through caring
people and a structured recovery environment. We are Fort Worth's only licensed, legitimate, privately owned sober home.

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Sober by Grace Ministries would like to extend its heartfelt condolences to the family and loved ones impacted by the loss of our dear friend, Mason Baccus.  Please click HERE for more information.

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 What Do We Do?

Sober By Grace is a Christ-based transitional living home (also known as a
sober home, three-quarter house, halfway house, etc.)located in the
heart of Fort Worth, Texas.   Conveniently located within a block of the bus
lines.  We offer affordable, furnished housing to those new to recovery, or those
needing a little extra support in their recovery process. Does that mean we force our beliefs about God down anyone's throat? NOOOOOO! It just means that we believe that "through Christ all things are possible", and if you want to talk about that...we are available.
We love you where you are at!

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We are Ft Worth's ONLY private, licensed sober home. Our Certificate of Occupancy (PB09-05544) is available upon request! Our staff includes an LPC, a Licensed Pastor, and over 30 years of sustained recovery.

  • LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) on staff
  • House manager onsite overnight, with staff available during the day
  • Detox/Herbal Cleanse available;Nutritional Advisor on staff
  • Access to AA, CA, and Celebrate Recovery, and more
  • Daily meetings covering a range of topics including life skills, traditional 12-step meetings, relapse prevention, trigger recognition, and much more.


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We are powered by AdvoCare! Click here for more information on losing weight, and gaining health and freedom! Email me at bryce@soberbygrace.org to find out how I've lost almost 60 pounds in 8 months!Lose Weight! Feel Great!




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